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Challenging Talent

Some people are very good at putting talented people into boxes. As much as you might like or hate that concept it can be useful in many different ways. Some people are very good at seeing how talented people could be put into “boxes” you hadn’t even imagined. Seeing differently tests people differently which is often a really good … Continue reading

Great Conversations

I think we could do a lot more great conversations on & off Social Media platforms don’t you? Continue reading

Coaching Chats #ICWbites #ICW2016

A short series of bitesize Twitter chats to celebrate International Coaching Week . #ICWbites Continue reading

Are you leading?

There’s an awful lot written and spoken about leadership. It comes in varying colours, shades and guises. Most of what is written is about the value and impact of differing leadership styles and approaches – how to lead. Some of it may personally appeal and some of it may not. Some of it may actually … Continue reading

Wasn’t it always so?

I get it. Finally. I’ve known for some time that it’s the case with LinkedIn. Too many agendas. Not enough care. Lots of paper thin. I see the game. It hasn’t changed. It’s just got busier. The players have got better at playing the game. I’ve not seen a demonstrable shift in quality. But I’ve … Continue reading

Baselines, Deeper Metrics & Useful Comparisons

What does it say? I’m not quite sure but it’s making me think a little deeper. That’s what I think good and useful metrics do. Continue reading

How our comfort zone limits us

This week’s earlier post on “Why do we Blog not Vlog?” brought about a range of interesting and informed responses including a few short videos on Vine, YouTube & Periscope. There’s lots of rich thinking there so please do go back and digest. My overwhelming sense of the answer to my question is linked to comfort zones. … Continue reading

Why do we blog not vlog?

About 18 months ago my son posted his first YouTube video. It was a neat little 2 minute “how to” video for Minecraft. Yesterday I realised that it has had more views than all of my blog posts in the last 18 months. That’s a little sobering don’t you think? Now there are differences in … Continue reading

Leadership Development for Leadership Teams

With all the focus on the development of individual leaders, it seems that so much of what matters in organisations gets missed from many Leadership Development programmes. That is working well together as a team. Sure there may be something about Belbin or a team activity welded into a Leadership Development programme but it’s often … Continue reading

Spaceship cleaners & really useless narratives

Twice yesterday I heard that apparently inspirational tale of the janitor at NASA who told Kennedy he was “helping to put a man on the Moon”. The more I hear it the less I believe it. In fact I think there’s something a little deceitful about the narrative if not just plain useless. I had quite a … Continue reading