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Where is L&D when it comes to organisational performance?

I’ve recently noticed L&D starting to talk about performance on social media. Not a lot but it’s there in language such as “performance support“. Yet when I think about the latest HR zeitgeist of eradicating performance appraisals – fundamentally about learning and development – I really struggle to think of anyone in the L&D space … Continue reading

Purpose isn’t found in the “Paper Thin”

There’s a fairly popular graphic you’ll see on social media the origins & attribution of which I can’t trace but I’ve recreated below… It’s a simply, sweet little message to encourage you to focus on your purpose. The thinking is that purpose is found at the intersection of Passion, Mission, Vocation & Profession. Or in … Continue reading

6 books that have shaped my practice

What is your philosophy and approach to the work that you do? What books have shaped your practice? Good questions to ask I think! Prompted by Jo Stephenson (@JoeyStephO) I’ve spent a few hours rummaging through the bookshelves and thinking carefully about the books that have most influenced my practice, approach and philosophy to the work … Continue reading

Listening for Stealers Wheel

If you’ve ever seen the film “Reservoir Dogs” it was quite possibly the first time you heard Stealers Wheel (Gerry Rafferty & co) singing “Stuck in the Middle With You”. The scene it was played in is now iconic… Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) dances to the music which both obscures & accompanies the helpless plight … Continue reading

Carbon Copy

How sad to think that the only remaining demonstrable vestige of a 200 year old invention to create copies of correspondence is the automaton-like persistence of the many to distribute, often unthinkingly. For the last 35 years the explosion of electronic mail has increasingly shown little regard for the purpose of using that “carbon copy” let … Continue reading

Diversity in Coaching & Mentoring?

During March I’m running a series of guest posts on “Diverse Coaching & Mentoring” – you can read more here. My aim is to create a space to explore, challenge, celebrate and raise awareness of diverse perspectives and applications of coaching & mentoring. This next guest post comes from Rob Kemp, co-director at Purple Patch Coaching & … Continue reading

Does your HR make a Sis-Boom-Bah?

It’s fireworks night and all around the skies are starting to fill with the whizz & crackle of tonight’s celebrations here in the UK.  OK, lots of the major displays have been going on all weekend for convenience sakes but tonight is the night. Later this week Doug Shaw is hosting The Carnival of HR … Continue reading

HR is a boy named Sue

I’m sure you’ve heard of Johnny Cash.  Like me the chances are you’re not a huge country & western fan but I  do love the story telling that comes across in his songs – it’s always a bit of magic.  A great example of this is “A Boy Named Sue“. If you don’t know the tale, … Continue reading

HR or Resourceful Humans?

Employee Relations, Personnel, Human Resources, Human Capital Management? All names that will provoke or evoke… Perhaps we could change to the latest zeitgeist… do we have SoMeHR yet? I’m sure there’ll be some nice, lucrative gigs on the speaking and book writing circuits… Yet there’ll still be fans & critics as there has been for … Continue reading

Your Prime Purpose Is…

Have you ever thought why are you here? Not an easy question to answer and possibly because it’s framed around “why”… How about what’s your purpose in life? Big question… but I think a worthwhile journey to find your answer. I’d hate to die not appreciating what my purpose here had been… By the way, … Continue reading